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Dec 10

My 2010 Clawbies Nominations

I am arriving late to the party with my 2010 Clawbie nominations, but wanted to add my voice to the choir nonetheless.

First and foremost amongst my reasons for doing so is to take the opportunity to extend a very heartfelt and public thank you to both Steve Matthews and Jordan Furlong of Stem Legal, who have spent many hours crafting, organizing and judging the Clawbies for several years now.  Because the Clawbies are their baby and they are the judges, they will not be winning any Clawbies themselves, but in any parallel universe where they were not the organizers, you can rest assured that both the Stem Legal Strategy Blog and Jordan’s Law 21 would be multiple award winners.  Both blogs are an indispensable part of my online reading and I recommend them to you unreservedly.

With that, I turn to the business at hand – my picks this year:

1. Dye & Durham’s BC Law Watch Blog (and twitter feed)

Dye & Durham is a well-known entity in the BC legal market providing a wide array of legal support services to the profession, and their BC Law Watch blog and twitter feed are wonderful examples to me of where good marketing is going in the years ahead.  Rather than using these tools as a blatant self-promotion exercise, Dye & Durham has chosen to focus on their audience’s needs, by aggregating a wide variety of BC practice-related news announcements, bulletins, event notices etc. from the courts, law schools, courthouse libraries, and other relevant sources in one place.  It’s an incredibly helpful information feed in my opinion, it aligns very well with the company’s role in the market, it’s easy on the eyes with extensive use of graphics in blog posts, and it elevates the brand by educating me rather than selling to me.  All good.

2. Garry J. Wise’s Wise Law Blog (and twitter feed)

I had the opportunity to meet Garry in person during a recent business trip to Toronto at a beer for bloggers event and was left with a very positive impression of the man.  That led me to take a closer look at his blog upon my return, and blog posts like this have only confirmed my initial instincts.  A practitioner’s blog done right, it showcases how blogs can be successfully used by solos and small firms to bring a personal touch to the practice of law that the big firms are not structurally suited to match.

3.  Friend of the North: Kevin O’Keefe’s Real Lawyers Have Blogs (and twitter feed)

In addition to visiting our fair country on a regular basis to speak on blogging, social media and technology to Canadian lawyers, Kevin’s company Lexblog has also developed a fair number of the blogs on behalf of larger Canadian firms.  A former trial lawyer, Kevin is an innovator and an educator, and his blog provides valuable insight on where technology trends for the profession are heading next.  He walks the walk, talks the talk, and is worth the read.

There you have it – three that made a difference for me in 2010.  Good luck to all the finalists – the bar keeps getting higher every year which only benefits us all.  Have a safe and happy new year’s everyone!


Dec 09

2009 Clawbies Award Nominations for Best Canadian Law Blogs

Steve Matthews of Stem Legal has just announced that nominations are open for the 2009 Clawbies Awards (for best Canadian law blogs).

Here are my three picks:

1. SLAW Slaw is a perennial award-winner of myriad blog awards. While that might make it a boring pick, it doesn’t change the fact that it continues to deliver the goods month in, month out with a wide list of contributors that collectively provide insight into recent developments and current trends in Canadian legal practice, technology and scholarship that make it the online equivalent of the local watering hole for Canadian law geeks. Essential stuff.

2. Thoughtful Law David Bilinsky’s Thoughtful Law blog is another multiple award winner that covers a broad territory – from change management to technology trends to personal renewal – with aplomb. The difference is that it’s all being powered by a single person instead of the large ensemble cast that contributes to Slaw. (Disclaimer: Dave is both a friend and a Skunkworks client. Don’t hold that against him – the blog stands on its own merits).

3. ICBC Law Blog I frequently use Victoria lawyer Erik Magraken as a poster boy for how younger lawyers and smaller firms can successfully use online content marketing to showcase their expertise, establish themselves as thought leaders, and disrupt the old hierarchies that historically made age and firm size key criteria for winning work. A plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer based out of Victoria, Erik’s blog (and facebook page and twitter profile, and JD Supra documents etc. etc.) succeed(s) because he provides useful, factual information to his readers about his area of practice without resorting to salesmanship. In the process, he also demonstrates his passion for and knowledge of the subject, and gives himself terrific top-of-mind presence to a large online audience. The result is an informative and effective practitioner’s blog that builds business and no doubt makes him a better lawyer for the very act of writing it.

So there you have it – three blogs that make my personal list for some of the best CanCon of the 2009 blogosphere. Check them out if you haven’t already, and be sure to make your own Clawbies picks via email, twitter or blog post as described here.

P.S. A final word – Jordan Furlong’s Law 21 and Steve Matthews’ Stem Law Firm Web Strategy Blog are also both gold medal winners in my view, but have selflessly removed themselves from Clawbies contention due to the small technical complication that they are the ones dishing out the awards. I hope it doesn’t spoil my ballot, but consider this a ceremonial vote for them anyhow.